My mother’s name

Speaks of triumph
of bridges burned and battles won
of blood root and silk veins,

Enemy of darkness
Bringer of hope and resurrection.

My mother’s name

Speaks of tribute
of broken spirit and evil seen.

Conjurer of light
Champion of praise and forgiveness.

My mother’s name
Sings resilience
Of fields trod and hands torn

Seeker of truth
Agent of love and power.

My mother’s name
is freedom.

Kelly Beecher is a communications student, writer and black feminist based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Her fondness for poetry began as a need to channel her thoughts creatively. During her time in college, Beecher’s studies led her to the works of radical women of color, feminist scholars and poets. While she immersed herself in theory and dialogue, Beecher developed an urgent interest in documenting her own experiences with womanhood, as well as the experiences of women she encounters. Her passion is using creative expression to complicate the relationship between individual experience and the analysis of social structures. Her poems range from personal anecdotes to testimonies of social injustice, informed by her position as a black lesbian woman.