Halloween's a great time for lesbians to show off their costume-making abilities, so whether you and your girlfriend are going together as Bette and Tina (that's still super relevant, right?) or you're going as a lone Hotzmann, we wish you a safe and spooky day. Below are some of our contributors' favorite costumes from years past. 

For Halloween in 1994 I was a witch and my cousin Nicki was a princess. My mom and aunt were taking pictures of me and Nicki in the front room, and then we went to a Halloween "party" (it was more of a walk around the church gym while adults handed us candy). I remember thinking it was really cool that my face looked different--that I looked scary and mean. My cousin was lording it over me that she was a beautiful princess and I was a mean witch. I thought it was exciting to pretend. I always loved dressing up and making up stories. 

My girlfriend and I as Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe


The woman on the left as you look at the photo was named Doris, and she was a very lesbophobic woman who freaked out over my Fidel Castro costume...ah, those were the days. This photo was taken in 1975. It was a Halloween party in our freshman dormitory.


For my Satanic black metal costume, I did my eyes and lips with black eyeliner and the rest of my face was black and white acrylic paint. Everything else was made of clothes that I already had lying around. The picture in the woods was taken near my mom's house.


This year I went as Diana Ross.


From the ages of 15 to about 25, I think roughly 75% of my costumes involved a suit jacket and tie. This was the first of those--I'm not sure what I was dressed up as (I had a mask and fake 1930s style gun, so I'm thinking maybe a mobster?), but I had a great time.

I went as The Bride from Kill Bill. I bought the vest from old navy and sewed on random patches, including a Hello Kitty one because I didn't have a lot of choice. I had an unexplainable obsession with Kill Bill at that time. I hated that I fell in love with such a violent movie, but now I realize that sometimes violence may be justified, especially against men who hurt women. 

My friend and I went as Jules and Verne from Pulp Fiction. I remember that theatrical hair itches a lot. My friend and I do at least two costumes a year. Last year I went as Madea at this annual gay Halloween bash.


Throwback to me as a kid having a good witchy upbringing.


My girlfriend Madeline and I were Kiki and Tombo last year.



I went through so many Halloween pictures with my mom, and I didn't realize how gay I was growing up until we went through all that—that, and how much my childhood actually influenced me as an adult. My Cruella De Ville costume was a lot of fun. I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians at the time (my mom looked very annoyed as she was telling me this fact), so I already had the outfit because of that. I just really wanted to be Cruella at that point because it was my favorite thing to dress up as. So my parents got me a wig and spray painted half of it white--I actually remember the awful smell and texture of that wig. It was horrible. But I looked so cute! I’m a fan of the movie to this day and still own 101 Dalmatians clothing.