Life can be discouraging sometimes. We hope the voices and experiences offered here will help a little bit. 

When we share our lives with one another, we build solidarity. Though there is no monolithic lesbian experience*, CNCPT/LSBN is all about solidarity and mutual understanding. We are fully committed to building strength through our diverse perspectives. 

We hope to feature new lesbian authors and artists each month and welcome your participation. The folks at CNCPT/LSBN generally feel a lot of things about a lot of things, but today we mostly feel grateful to be here.


Concept: lesbian.

Does it even exist?

Are these bones not lesbian bones?

This skin not lesbian skin?

It’s a limited freedom

To know what lesbian is.

This lesbian stream of consciousness--

This is your space.


*A lot of lesbians do tend to have cats named Sappho. We have noticed that.